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About AppWise

At AppWise, we believe competitive advantage comes from making informed decisions, at speed. By breaking down information siloes, we enable businesses to harness their institutional memory, boosting individual productivity through access to the wisdom of the whole organization.


The increasing scale and complexity of company data has created many technological and organizational gaps between people and information. Our mission is to bridge these gaps so business users can be united with the information and insights that allows them to make more informed decisions.

To help businesses accomplish this, we’ve built a powerful platform that consolidates access to information, through a single high-performance search experience that unifies access to information. With full deep-text search, OCR and rich previews, users can find, view and share information to ensure teams are informed and productive. 

AppWise delivers secure, cloud-based enterprise search that can be deployed across an organization with a few clicks, integrating seamlessly security and Single Sign-On solutions. AppWise combines performance, security, and design, appealing to customers like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Netflix, Looker, Intersection, Rimon Law, and many others across the globe.

Our team is headquartered in beautiful San Francisco, CA.

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